An independent platform for globally diverse filmmakers to celebrate their accomplishments and to be seen and heard at the Cannes Film Festival.

Diversity in Cannes

Conceived by US Event Producer and Entertainment Publicist, Yolonda Brinkley, Beyond Borders: Diversity in Cannes is an independent global filmmaker movement occurring annually in France. The ultimate goals are to expand the international network of globally diverse filmmakers and to encourage out of the box and beyond borders thinking when strategizing to produce, finance and distribute their films.    to share filmmaking trends in an effort to change diverse filmmakers’ status from mere festival attendees to power players in the global film industry.

Beyond Borders: Diversity in Cannes is the only diversity initiative of its kind held during the Festival de Cannes. Since its 2010 inception, the Symposium has overflowed with power networking, group discussions and idea sharing. It serves as a strategy session for diverse minds seeking to enhance the visibility of their projects and to increase filmmaking opportunities beyond international and traditional borders. The event has announced to the Festival de Cannes and the international film community that the diverse voice has stories to tell, which will be shared by any means necessary.

Global Impact

Beyond Borders: Diversity in Cannes has embraced hundreds of diverse festival goers from across the globe and has hosted panelists from 5 continents including Europe, Africa and North America. More specifically, panelists have represented Ghana, Congo, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany and the United States. ​ Diversity in Cannes has had its share of esteemed filmmakers including Michael Rowe, the 2010 Festival de Cannes Golden Camera Award Winner and Alrick Brown Sundance’s 2011 World Cinema Award Winner. In 2012 we welcomed Annemarie Jacir, the first Palestinian feature filmmaker and Festival de Cannes Alum, as we celebrated global women in film. ​

Beyond Borders: Diversity in Cannes is making a positive impact at the Festival de Cannes, where diversity is not the first priority. The Symposium provides a platform for filmmakers across the globe to shine the light on their own accomplishments rather than wait for validation from others. The forum encourages dialogue amongst emerging filmmakers willing to think outside the box and beyond borders for opportunities to develop, finance and distribute their films.